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Reduce integration costs, risks, improve data visibility and rapidly respond to change


BioDatAi provides an intelligent, collaborative, secure, and interoperable platform that streamlines the development of innovative applications that deliver value across clinical and business aspects of healthcare. It is built on the concept of a Platform of Platforms. BioDatai’s secure blockchain platform utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide cross-organization predictive insights not previously possible in healthcare.

BioDatAi Features

  • Any-to-any integration

    BioDatAi provides a unique Platform integration approach for altering business rules and logic and makes them specific to the use case but leverages a core common set. It provides customized tooling for data access, encrypting certificates, any-to-any connectivity, processing rules, data onboarding, governance, and process management.

  • Health IT Standards support

    There are a number of standards used in healthcare that work similarly and are based on Electronic Data Interchange standards and advanced security.  BioDatAi supports these standards including FHIR, HL7, MU, ICD, CPT, HIPAA, CSF, PCI,  and many others to ensure interoperability across heterogeneous systems. Without standards, data exchange and advanced data science would be difficult to achieve and integration at the local, regional, national, and international level almost impossible.

  • Compliance and Security

    Secures sensitive patient and clinical data and reduces compliance risk for HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, or other data directives, at rest or in transit, using secure protocols.

  • Visibility in real-time

    Offers Real-Time visibility and predictive Intelligence into all integration operations.

  • Process and Procedure expertise

    Extend internal resources with BioDatAi data experts to abandon the complexities of application integration operations.

BioDatAi Benefits

  • Improve data interoperability

    Transform, consolidate, standardize, and simplify enterprise integration operations with a modern and unified integration platform.

  • Strengthen data management capabilities

    Cleanse, harmonize and consolidate structured or unstructured data to improve data quality, reduce process errors, and build aggregated datasets to support analytics.

  • Ensure end-to-end data compliance

    Built-in data compliance that provides data security and compliance to support patient, personal, and financial data. Focus on patient care

    Leverage our experts to reduce technical staffing burdens and integration complexities with a fully managed service model, improving scalability and time to value. Free resources to focus on patient care, not integration.

  • Track and visualize data lineage

    Uncover trends and spot errors with real-time data flow visibility and pattern analysis.